Aqaba Airshow launched: day and night displays promised at new Jordanian airshow

AQABA | An all-new major airshow is to make its debut next March at the home of the Royal Jordanian Falcons.

Photo: Adam Landau

The Aqaba Airshow will be held on the 20th-21st March 2020 and is to feature both daytime and nighttime aerial displays. The airshow will be held at King Hussain International Airport and is planned to become an annual event, boosting tourism in the kingdom.

Promotional material for the airshow so far includes the Royal Jordanian Falcons and a de Havilland Vampire T.55 owned by the Royal Jordanian Heritage Flight. Both teams are based at King Hussain International Airport.

The show is being organised jointly by Aeropact – the Polish company behind Gdynia AeroBaltic – as well as local government organisations, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and the Jordan Tourism Board. The ESEZA also said representatives from the Royal Air Force, Royal Jordanian Falcons, Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission and King Hussain International Airport are involved in planning for the event. Airlines operating from Aqaba, including Royal Jordanian and Turkish Airlines, are also expected to be involved.