Breitling to end sponsorship of Breitling Jet Team

DIJON | The Swiss watchmaker Breitling is to end its sponsorship of the Breitling Jet Team at the end of the 2019 airshow season.

Photo: Alex Ohde

The Breitling Jet Team are a French-based team flying the L-39C Albatross, operated by Apache Aviation. They are the world’s largest professional civilian jet team, and have performed as far afield as China, Japan and the USA. They have flown 3,000 demonstrations in 39 countries since they were formed in 2003, immediately coming under Breitling sponsorship.

The team is lead by Jacques Bothelin, who has formed several major civilian aerobatic teams. He is the most experienced civilian jet team leader in the world.

Photo: Nathan Thompson

For 2020 and beyond, Mr Bothelin is exploring new sponsorship strategies, which could see new sponsors or co-sponsors continue to support the team.

Breitling withdrew support from several airshow acts during the 2017 season, including the world-famous UK-based Breitling Wingwalkers.