Yak-52 crashes at Polish airshow, one killed

PLOCK | A German display pilot was killed in an accident at the Płocki Piknik Lotniczy on Saturday 15th June.

The Yak-52 aircraft crashed into the Vistula River after entering what appears to be a flat spin, from which the pilot could not recover.

The organisers said the airshow, who had been working to bring it back for several years, said: “Unfortunately, fate wanted that a tragic accident to happen at the very beginning of the show. We are terribly sorry and sad and we are very sorry for the family, friends and friends of the pilot Ralf “Buri” Burescha. Please accept the deepest condolences from us.

“We know he was very happy to be able to present himself to the audience.”

The organisers said many pilots were keen to go ahead with the following day’s displays, but this was disallowed by the authorities.