RSAF prepares for Singapore National Day Parade flypast

SINGAPORE | The Republic of Singapore Air Force have released a rehearsal schedule ahead of this year’s National Day Parade, marking the bicentennial of the founding of modern Singapore.

The event, which will this year be held at The Padang, traditionally features flypasts and, on occasion, a short aerial display segment, featuring a variety of helicopters, jets and transport types from the RSAF’s inventory. This year, that will include the NDP debut of the air force’s new A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport.

Traditional favourites include the Red Lions freefall team, the flag tow (featuring a Chinook and two Apaches) and the Salute to the Nation bomb burst, usually performed by five F-15SGs.

As well as the main public event on the 9th August, airshow fans can watch a number of rehearsal sessions, which often attract smaller crowds and can take place in better lighting conditions. The best viewing spots are usually found around Marina Bay, with many spotters ascending nearby skyscrapers for a birds-eye view. This year’s rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Date Time (local) Event
Jun 4 08:30-13:00 RSAF Internal Rehearsal 1
Jun 7 08:30-13:00 RSAF Internal Rehearsal 2
Jun 15 11:30-14:30 RSAF Internal Rehearsal 3
Jun 15 17:30-20:30 Combined Rehearsal 1
Jun 22 17:30-20:30 Combined Rehearsal 2
Jun 29 17:30-20:30 Combined Rehearsal 3
Jul 6 17:30-20:30 National Education Show 1
Jul 13 17:30-20:30 National Education Show 2
Jul 20 17:30-20:30 National Education Show 3
Jul 27 17:30-20:30 National Day Parade Preview 1*
Aug 3 17:30-20:30 National Day Parade Preview 2*
Aug 9 17:30-20:30 National Day Parade 2019*

*Reserve slot scheduled for the same time the next day in event of cancellation due to weather.