Blue Impulse cancels all shows until July due to aircraft fault

MATSUSHIMA | The aerobatic team of the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force have cancelled several shows due to a fault with the Kawasaki T-4 aircraft they fly.

The JASDF announced that four shows have been cancelled due to unspecified problems with the T-4’s engine. This includes performances at Kanoya Air Base on the 28th April, the Iwakuni Friendship Day on the 5th May, the Kurofune Festival in Shimoda on the 18th May and the Miho Air Festival on the 2nd June.

The team will resume their schedule in Matsushima on the 21st July, followed by a further nine scheduled events across Japan.

Blue Impulse are Japan’s sole formation aerobatic team, flying six blue and white Kawasaki T-4s. Their display is best known for its bomb burst and star figure. The team have only once performed outside of Japan, when they visited Nellis AFB in the United States in 1997.