New colours for Saudi Hawks

RIYADH | The national aerobatic team of Saudi Arabia debuted an all new colour scheme at the Saudi International Airshow yesterday.

The seven-ship team, flying the BAE Hawk, were seen painted in a striking green livery with stylised white feather patterns in keeping with the team’s name. Previously the jets had worn a simple green scheme with a white stripe down the side of each fuselage – very similar to the design used by their mentors, the Red Arrows (see below).

The Saudi Hawks performing in their old scheme in the United Kingdom in 2011. Photo: Jim Lucas

The inaugural Saudi International Airshow is being held for the first time this month, featuring a range of Royal Saudi Air Force jets.

The RSAF previously painted a number of jets (a Typhoon, Tornado, two F-15s and an A330 MRTT) in a similar design to the one now worn by the Saudi Hawks for Saudi National Day last September.