USAF ACC Demo Teams announce 2019 schedules

LAS VEGAS | The US Air Force’s single-ship demonstration teams, including the F-16C Viper, F-22A Raptor, F-35A Lightning and A-10 Warthog, have announced next year’s schedules.

The F-35 is particularly notable as it will be the first time the type has performed full solo demonstrations in the hands of the US Air Force. The type will perform across the USA and at one show in Canada.

The USAF’s other fifth-generation jet, the F-22 Raptor, will only perform in the US this year. It will perform at a large number of events, but several will be Heritage Flight displays only.

Returning for a seecond year is the A-10 Warthog Demo Team, who will perform at shows in the US, as well as two in Canada and one in Mexico. It is a notable expansion on last year’s schedule.

The F-16 Viper Demo Team will perform at one Canadian airshow and the rest in the US. In May 2019 they also added the Royal International Air Tattoo in the UK.

Displays at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh will comprise of an abbreviated mini-demonstration and a Heritage Flight performance due to the small size of the aerobatic box.

The announcements were made at the International Council of Air Shows Convention in Las Vegas.

The full schedule can be seen below.

Dates Event Participating aircraft
Feb 17 Stars & Stripes Airshow Spectacular, Laredo, TX, USA A-10C
Mar 9-10 Yuma Airshow, AZ, USA A-10C
Mar 23-24 Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona, Davis-Monthan, AZ, USA F-35A (HF), A-10C, F-22A
Mar 30-31 Southernmost Air Spectacular, Key West, FL, USA F-16C, A-10C
Mar 30-31 Melbourne Air & Space Show, FL USA F-35A
Mar 30-31 Thunder Over the Bay, Travis, CA, USA F-22A, A-10C
Apr 2-5 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, Lakeland, FL, USA F-16C
Apr 6 Shaw AFB Wings Event, SC, USA (private event) F-16C
Apr 6-7 Heart of Texas Airshow, Waco, TX, USA F-35A
Apr 13-14 Wings Over South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX, USA A-10C
Apr 24-27 Feria Aeroespecial Mexico, Santa Lucia, Mexico A-10C (Demo only)
Apr 27-28 Beaufort Airshow, SC, USA F-22A
Apr 27-28 Wings Over Wayne, Seymour Johnson, NC, USA F-35A
May 4 Manassas Airshow, VA, USA A-10C
May 4-5 Planes of Fame, Chino, CA, USA F-16C
May 4-5 Fort Lauderdale Airshow, FL, USA F-22A
May 10-12 JB Andrews Airshow, MD, USA A-10C
May 11-12 Chennault International Airshow, Lake Charles, LA, USA F-22A, F-16C
May 18-19 Hangar 24 AirFest, Redlands, CA, USA A-10C
May 18-19 Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Airshow, LA, USA F-35A
May 25-26 Westmoreland County Airshow, Latrobe, PA, USA F-16C
May 25-26 Miami Beach Air & Sea Show, FL, USA F-35A
May 26 Indy 500, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IN, USA F-16C (HF only)
Jun 1-2 Star-Spangled Salute, Tinker AFB, OK, USA F-16C
Jun 6 D-Day Celebration, Bedford, VA, USA F-22A (HF only)
Jun 8-9 Great Tennessee Airshow, Smyrna, TN, USA F-16C
Jun 15-16 Wings Over Whiteman, MO, USA F-22A, A-10C
Jun 15-16 Ocean City Airshow, MD, USA F-16C
Jun 22 Inland Northwest Skyfest, Fairchild, WA, USA F-22A
Jun 22-23 Spectacle AĆ©rien International de Bagotville, QC, Canada F-35A
Jun 29-30 National Cherry Festival, Traverse City, MI, USA F-22A
Jun 29-30 Quad City Airshow, Davenport, IA, USA A-10C
Jul 3 Dubuque Airshow & Fireworks, IA, USA A-10C (HF only)
Jul 4 Racine Airshow, WI, UAE F-22A (HF only)
Jul 4 Tacoma Freedom Fair, WA, USA F-16C
Jul 4-6 Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow, MI, USA F-22A
Jul 4-6 Fair St. Louis, MO, USA F-35A
Jul 6 American Freedom Festival, Goshen, IN, USA F-22A
Jul 6-7 Saskatchewan Airshow, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada F-16C
Jul 6-7 Kansas City Airshow, MO, USA A-10C
Jul 12-13 History of Flight Airshow, Geneseo, NY, USA A-10C
Jul 13 Arctic Lightning Airshow, Eielson AFB, AK, USA F-22A
Jul 13-14 Mission Over Malmstrom, Malmstrom AFB, MT, USA F-22A<
Jul 13-14 Gary Air & Water Show, IN, USA F-16C
Jul 19-21 Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, ENG, UK F-16C
Jul 20-21 Duluth Air & Aviation Expo, MN, USA F-35A
Jul 22-28 EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI, USA F-35A, F-22A, A-10C
Jul 27-28 Grand Junction Airshow, CO, USA A-10C, F-16C
Jul 27-28 Milwaukee Air & Water Show, WI, USA F-35A, F-16C (HF), F-22A (HF), A-10C
Aug 3 Rocky Mountain Air & Ground Festival, Broomfield, CO, USA A-10C
Aug 3-4 Thunder Over Michigan, Ypsilanti, MI, USA F-16C
Aug 17-18 Chicago Air & Water Show, IL, USA F-22A, F-16C
Aug 17-18 Edmonton Airshow, AB, Canada A-10C
Aug 24-25 Pocono Raceway Festival of Flight, Long Pond, PA, USA A-10C
Aug 24-25 Lancaster Airport Community Days, Lititz, PA, USA A-10C (HF only)
Aug 24-25 New York Airshow, Newburgh, NY, USA F-35A
Aug 24-25 Rochester Airshow, NY, USA F-22A
Aug 31-Sep 1 Wings Over North Georgia, Rome, GA, USA F-16C
Aug 31-Sep 2 Cleveland National Airshow, OH, USA F-35A, A-10C
Sep 6-8 AeroGatineau, Ottawa, ON, Canada F-35A
Sep 7 Northern Illinios Airshow, Waukegan, IL, USA A-10C
Sep 7-8 Spirit of St. Louis Airshow & STEM Expo, Chesterfield, MO, USA F-22A
Sep 7-8 Grissom Air & Space Expo, Grissom ARB, IN, USA F-16C
Sep 13-15 Airshow London, ON, Canada A-10C
Sep 14-15 Dover AFB Airshow, DE, USA F-22A
Sep 14-15 Owensboro Airshow, KY, USA F-16C
Sep 20-22 Oregon International Airshow, Hillsboro, OR, USA F-35A
Sep 21-22 Southern Colorado Regional Airshow, Colorado Springs, CO, USA F-22A
Sep 21-22 Osan Air Power Day, Osan AB, Republic of Korea A-10C
Sep 28-29 Wings Over Wine Country, Santa Rosa, CA, USA A-10C
Sep 28-29 Miramar Airshow, CA, USA F-16C
Sep 28-29 Robins AFB Airshow, GA, USA F-22A
Oct 5-6 Great Pacific Airshow, Huntington Beach, CA, USA F-35A, A-10C
Oct 5-6 California Capital Airshow, Sacramento, CA, USA F-16C
Oct 11-13 San Francisco Fleet Week, CA, USA F-35A
Oct 12-13 Apple Valley Airshow, CA, USA F-16C (HF only)
Oct 12-13 Central Coast AirFest, Santa maria, CA, USA F-16C
Oct 18-20 Wings Over Houston, TX, USA F-35A
Oct 19-20 Fort Worth Alliance Airshow, TX, USA F-16C, F-22A
Oct 19-20 LA County Airshow, Lancaster, CA, USA A-10C
Oct 26-27 Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular, FL, USA F-35A
Oct 26-27 Sheppard AFB Airshow, Wichita Falls, TX, USA F-22A
Nov 2-3 Stuart Airshow, FL, USA F-16C
Nov 2-3 Thunder Over South Georgia, Moody AFB, GA, USA F-22A, A-10C
Nov 9 French Valley Airshow, Murrieta, CA, USA A-10C
Nov 9-10 Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow, Pensacola, FL, USA F-16C
Nov 15-17 Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB, NV, USA F-22A, F-35A
Nov 16-21 Dubai Airshow, Dubai World Central, Dubai, UAE F-22A, F-35A