Golden Knights release initial 2019 schedule

LAS VEGAS | The US Army’s parachute display team, the Golden Knights, have released their 2019 schedule.

They will perform at 19 events across the United States this year. However, it is likely to fill up with many more events as the months pass.

The schedule, which was announced at the ICAS Convention, can be seen below.

Dates Event
Mar 16 Women’s Leadership Event, Fort Knox, KY, USA
Mar 30-31 Wings Over Solano, Travis, TX, USA
Apr 13-14 Thunder Over Louisville, KY, USA
Apr 19 Open Patriot, Boston, MA, USA
May 25-26 Jones Beach Airshow, Wantaugh, NY, USA
May 25-26 Miami Air & Sea Show, FL, USA
Jun 22 Inland Northwest Skyfest, Fairchild, WA, USA
Jun 22-23 Dayton Airshow, OH, USA
Jul 3 Dubuque Airshow & Fireworks, IA, USA
Jul 6-7 Kansas City Airshow, MO, USA
Jul 13-14 Gary Air & Water Show, IN, USA
Jul 20-21 Amelia Earhart Women in Aviation Celebration, Archeon, KS, USA
Jul 27-28 Milwaukee Air & Water Show, WI, USA
Jul 27-28 Grand Junction Airshow, CO, USA
Jul 17-18 Chicago Air & Watere Show, IL, USA
Aug 21 Thunder Over the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Aug 31-Sep 1 Cleveland National Airshow, OH, USA
Sep 28-29 Miramar Airshow, CA, USA
Oct 18-19 Fort Worth Alliance Airshow, TX, USA